Thursday, March 19, 2009

MACUL 5 - Cell Phones

Toys to Tools: Connecting Students’ Cell Phones to Learning

Alternate Title
Use the Technology Kids Have

Liz Kolb, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Madonna University

Running Thoughts is really cool. Send a text message and it shows up on the screen.

To get her contact information text KOLB to 50500.

ChaCha call 1-800-2chacha or TEXT to CHACHA. allows you to record messages.

Second mention today of

Photos can go to flickr of course or as well.

Look at sometime.

There are some tools for sending lots of text messages like does speach to text. It also allows you to listen to web pages and translation.

Collaborative novels at

I could use the photo places for scaling activities in physics. I could also require a year long 10 photos of physics phenomenons wherever you are. What I loved about this session was the noise. I was tired when I walked in and so were many people you could see it on their faces. Yet as soon as she told us to start exploring and using these text features there was all this positive noise. It was uplifting, like when you class is really humming with good work.

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