Thursday, March 19, 2009

MACUL 4 - pH

MACUL Science Grant: pH and Probes

Alternate Title
Teacher Works Hard to Find Money to Make Learning Interactive

Helene Barton, Teacher, Detroit Public Schools

Two labs on an 8.5x11, and a bookmark sized online review activity.

Running Thoughts
She has a great story about writing three grants to over the four years to get pH probes and handheld data gathering devices. She obviously cares deeply about here students and had a great story about just how she got all her equipment and why it was important to have the equipment.

Great Idea: when testing antacids she has the students bring in what they or their families think are the best. She talked about how the random selection of antacids caused unexpected results, especially when measuring pH by indicator and the tablets have color. She then pointed out how good it was that we teachers model dealing with unexpected results. Awesome: she puts herself in situations where you will have to model good behavior.

Using technology is still more interesting to kids than not.

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