Friday, March 20, 2009

MACUL 6 - Beyond Essays

Going Beyond Essays: New Kids, New Media, and New Literacies

Alternate Title

Jason Ohler, President’s Professor, Educational Technology, University of Alaska/

Running Thoughts
He is talking about creativity and the blank sheet software idea. He is talking about the need to be creative in the same media that we consume.

Digital Art Oral Written - the four areas students need today in literacy.

He said we need to teach students how to make the stuff before we can teach them to analyze the stuff. This is how we do it with text, why not with audio and video?

He pointed out that 80% of the work of a project that is published is in the polishing, only 20% in the content. In school we should accept that rough draft is good enough, and if they are interested students will polish it themselves.

I like what he said. We need to teach new literacy. We need to teach how to make the stuff that we teach the meaning of. A student who has made a movie will understand how meaning is developed better. I loved the idea that everything can be fine if it only gets to rough draft. Interesting ideas.

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