Thursday, March 19, 2009

MACUL 1 - Digital Learning

Student as Contributor: The Digital Learning Farm

Alternate Title
Make Your Kids Own Their Learning

Alan November, Senior Partner, November Learning

Running Thoughts
Alan thinks outside the box.

Without citing a source drops the believable bomb that schools in China filter less than schools in America. Take that facebook blockers.

He challenged us to get rid of closed note and book tests. I really like that, but it really changes what questions you can ask.

A good open book question: Which of the following is less true?

Just made the argument for unblocking YouTube.

Teachers should ask students to find 10 assignments that help them learn an objective. Students become curriculum researchers. Never answer student questions in class. But to do this you do need to teach great searching skills. Teach them to create a custom search engine.

Teachers need to shift control of the learning to the students.

How does the work that students do help others? Homework only helps themselves. The real power of the web is in building community, something that we believe is our key skill. The students can start, "transforming the world for Jesus Christ," right now.

Ended with a billboard.

I love Alan. His latest book might even be worth a buy. He challenges us to think about the world in new ways, and that is always a wonderful challenge. I think his vision for education fits so well with ours, but it will be hard to get everyone there because of the control issues at every level. He presents an image of kids doing meaningful work as part of their educational process to change the world.

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