Thursday, March 19, 2009

MACUL 2 - Professional Development Using Moodle

Using Moodle to Deliver Quality Professional Development

Alternate Title
The Tech Tips and Treats Moodle Course Is Really Sweet


Running Thoughts
These presenters expected those here to have internet. Since it is not working, that stinks for them. It also stinks for us.

They have 12 hours of required choice PD. They deliver this through Moodle.

Offer stipends for teachers who lead the courses for PD. Interesting idea. They have synchronous courses, which is the strength of moodle. I wonder if this would be an interesting way to practice asynchronous training.

They use their own moodle server.

The board has a moodle course for distribution of board minutes and forum discussions among board members. I wonder if this can help us with some of our communication issues.

There were some solid reminders about moving teachers into the online education world. However I did not think they were doing anything that we were not doing with our more informal tech training websites.

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