Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Classroom Observation 3: Laptops for Efficiency

First off, I know I skipped observation 2. I will come back to it. I just finished observation 3 and though I should report one quick use of the laptops. I visited a choir class, and it integrated technology in great ways. One way was to gain efficiency.

The teacher use a free site called which has hundreds of songs broken out into their parts. Looking at the list it is limited to songs in the public domain. Since they are learning a Vivaldi piece the students took out their laptops and listend each to their own part for two minutes before practicing. They repeated this for longer when they were learning a new part.

Afterwards the teacher explained that this saved time. Before the laptops he would have played each section's part individually, taking four times the class time. This also creats a managment problem with the other three quarters of the choir. Sitting in the back and timing these events I calculated that he could practice an extra song during a class period. That is 176 extra songs a year.

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