Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Classroom Observation Bonus: Two Teachers

In the high school setting that I work in we rarely think outside the box of having only one adult in a room. A colleague of mine asked me to sit in her exam today for a Spanish conversation class. She is in the hall having private conversations with each student. I am in a wonderful sounding room. She made a list of conversation starting questions and pairs of students are asking each other these questions having conversations in Spanish. My job: write down names of anyone who I hear use English. I have tricked a few.

Getting an adult volunteer to do what I am doing would be easy. How would my exam in physics have been different if I had another person to help with the exam? Could someone else be part of the exam from afar (like on Skype) to make it even more interesting? Just needed a place to write down this idea and reflect on a wonderful experience.

Here is a short mp3 of what the classroom sounds like. The yell near the end is the word for switch where the students all get new speaking partners.

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