Thursday, December 18, 2008

What will school look like in five years?

Dan always asks interesting questions. Yesterday it was, "What will school look like in five years?" That led me to do some exploring. I went to the educon2.1 wiki and looked around for a schedule and other information, because if anyone knows, the people there will know. Of course like we said all the big names will be there and perhaps the biggest name, Will Richardson (who for my taste is too dejected right now), has a session. The title: What Will Classroom Learning Look Like? In the description of his section he suggests some reading. It is his google notebook page on school in the future. Wow. Just reading his summaries of the articles could take some time. It is a place for us to start, after all he is part of our PLN, right?

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Will said...

Sorry I'm bumming you out. ;0) Not really as depressed as I sound, and actually, it's always the conversation that gets me fired up again. Thanks for posting about my session.