Friday, December 19, 2008

Online Test Schedule Instuctions

Online Test Schedule

To schedule a test (or major project) please follow these instructions.
  1. You will find that all teachers are now teachers for the Class of 20XX courses, which means that these courses appear in your My Courses block.
  2. To check the test board click on the month of the year that you want to schedule a test. This calendar is right on the front page of moodle.

  3. Because you are a member of all the grades the detail view will show you all tests for every grade. Pick a day with the rule in mind that no student should have more than two tests on a given day.
  4. To add a test click on the course for the year of the class that you would like to give a test to, for instance if you were giving the test to seniors you would choose the class of 2009.
  5. On the right hand side of every course is a Upcoming Events box. At the bottom of that box click on the New Event... link.
  6. When asked for the type of even make sure that you choose Course Event.
  7. Fill out the information about your test.
  8. You will now see your evaluation along with any others scheduled for the same day. If you have another grade in the same class you can repeat the process for the other courses.

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