Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Alternative Moodle Courses

What I appreciate that uses moodle itself to manage their website. This make them an example of thinking outside the box about how you use your course management system. Here are some ways that we have begun to use moodle to do things other than manage content for individual courses.

At our high school we have a course for each graduating year. We have used this to take polls (with the choice module). We have used it for taking more involved data using a google form embedded into the course page. We have used it for emailing all the students at a grade level (using the News Forum). And we are using it to host our test board online.

At our middle schools they have a course for the entire middle school that is used in similar ways to the high school year group courses.

We have several teams that use a moodle cousre for organizing.

We also have some student run organizations that have moodle courses where students are the teachers for the courses.

Finally, we use the social topics course type to run a Bible study.

Moodle has many ises if you just think outside the box a little.

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