Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Why my students need to blog.

I take this from the weblog-ed page which I read regularly. However, I am not sure I have ever heard it put so well and the words speak to the heart of a Reformed Christian:

But here is the blogging (the verb) quote, from six-year (!) blogger Josh Kortbein:

I write my blog because I wish that things were different, and I'm thinking about how to make them that way.
That feels right from where I sit, too. Blogs as platform. That's what blogging is...


Jim Peterson (infrequent and relatively new blogger) says:

I write my blog because the world is not the way God intended it to be and it is the height of glorifying Him to do your part to bring His Kingdom right here and right now.

Sorry about the sermon.


Bob K said...

Excellent post, Jim - however, just blogging isn't enough, is it? Most of the HS student blogs I read don't make much of an impact on improving the world, they're more like "went to the mall today. OK, gotta go."

So, you mean a particular type of blogging, right? Look at for thoughts on different types of blogging. I suggest that what Bethany calls "literary bloggers" is what you are referring to.

Jim said...

I agree. This has been the debate here at school. Blogging vs. journaling hs. gossip tool. I do wonder if a little journaling can lead to better blogging eventually. I think things like Xanga, where journaling and gossip are the prime motivators will lead to good blogging as high school student try to reach a broader audience with their thoughts.

Bob K said...

I think that the practice that kids get in writing in blogs, even if it is in crummy gossippy postings, is valuable. I'm not sure that it will naturally turn into literary blogging without some guidance.

Jim said...

I agree, see my latest post.