Friday, April 22, 2005

Students and Blogging

I have added another reason for students to be taught blogging. They need the education to keep them from themselves. I just overheard a student complaining about her mom reading her Xanga. I do not get into the semantic of what is a blog or a journal (though I have found the conversations extremely helpful). If you are trying to work out something in community using a web page it is a blog. Just because someone thinks your relationships with your friends are not as important as news and real topics, does not mean it is not a blog. However, what this student needs to know about is that blogging is a community effort. And you have little control over the community. That really is the point. Blogging is open source working things out. Some of the people that want to help you work things out are not going to agree with your ideas or actions. Understanding that this is the strength of blogging is important for our students to understand. If you want to journal and find it convenient to keep it online, then find a password protected journaling site and join up. Talk about your drug use there, for yourself, where your mom cannot read it.


Bob K said...

I read my kids' blogs and I have since Bethany made her first one almost four years ago. They know I do. At first I might have felt a little strange about it but ITS ON THE INTERNET! Of course I have a right to look at it if they're going to put it in a public space where ANYONE can read it. I'm anyone. I can read it.

bethany said...

I think it is really important that bloggers are aware of the level of public-ness a blog has. It's like these people have never read Harriet the Spy. If you think things you don't want other people to know, don't write them where people might find it. The internet makes this doubly-true, what with search engines, links, et cetera.