Monday, March 02, 2009

Classroom Observation Bonus: Routine

Today I had to sub for AP Chemistry class. I walked in and the student (who I have all had in physics, so there was a built previous relationship between be and each student). What I love is that the students walked in and it was Friday. They take a timed online quiz and finish their lab work. That is what my lesson plan said. That is what they did without ever asking what the plan was. Students were even a little early and waiting for the quiz to open, which it did five seconds after the bell rang.

We all love some tradition. The longer I have taught the more I think kids love it best of all. This class was just a reminder of how effective a tool this is in basic classroom management. I do not remember anyone in ED 301 telling me set up routines in your classroom and practice them. Students will like it.

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