Monday, March 21, 2005


This is my new blog. I am moving here from my old one at Xanga. The main reason is that I think there is a move afoot to block Xanga from school. This would not allow students to see my blog at school which would stink. It would also not allow me to post at school which would also stink. I also think that I did not do a good job of focusing on my Xanga. This past week I learned that you have to keep your posts focused if you want to keep a larger readership. I am now focused on fru-fra. All topics to think about with my opinon all the time.


bethany said...

Hey Peterson. I applaud your movement. I prefer blogger anyway, and began one for similar reasons. I suggest you take advantage of the capability within blogger to comment without having an account by enabling it.

derek said...

See I think it would prolly be best if you make ppl sign in so well, you don't get spammed by someone you don't know. But yeah I think blogger is a lot nicer...I had an old account but well, everyone else likes xanga more.

Jared said...

I like blogger!